Creative Responses (Visual Art)

The visually artistic responses often characterize Trayvon Martin as a Jesus figure, as one’s own child, or allows the viewer to imagine themselves as Trayvon. George Zimmerman is often shown as evil and even is depicted as a KKK member. George Zimmerman is rarely depicted in the artistic responses other than the political cartoons. The art is made up of political cartoons, street art, and social media uploaded images from amateur artists.

 David Horsey

 David Horsey, How A Racist Calculates,




Jeff aka Stray, Trayvon Martin,




Lily Luo ,Skittles and Iced Tea,



Autumn Hayes, Justice for Trayvon,



Lanaé , Trayvon Martin Digital Illustration,




Tess One, Stand Your Ground,



Bettie Banshee, Justice for Trayvon,




Edward M, Is This What You See,


Trayvon full

Susan Shie,Trayvon Martin: 8 of Wooden Spoons in the Kitchen Tarot,2012,


(courtesy of ROB ROGERS / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )

(courtesy of ROB ROGERS / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )



(courtesy of ROB ROGERS / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )



(TONY AUTH / Philadelphia Inquirer)





Hunter Langston is a 31-year-old graphic designer based in Detroit, Michigan,

Hunter Langston, Still Waiting for Justice, 2012,



(JEFF PARKER / Florida Today / courtesy of Cagle Cartoons)


Terrence Moline, Taste the Rainbow,




By Theodora Danylevich, 2014, Nether, Hooded Trayvon,2012,



Carmelo “Snow” Sigona, Joe “JOE 01″ Iurato, and Luis “2TEK” Mejias., Trayvon Murual,


Street Art in Baltimore Maryland by street artist Nether.

Street Art in Baltimore Maryland by street artist Nether.

Nether, Hooded Trayvon,2012,



Chaz Guest, Run, Trayvon, Run, 2012,




Chaz Guest, Scream (Heard Across The Nation, 2012,



BluSmith&Wesson by BluDog

A New York City-based artist, who goes by the alias BluDog, created this piece as a sticker that’s been spread throughout midtown.

He combines the weapon used to kill Trayvon with an image of open Skittles, which symbolize the candy Trayvon had purchased before encountering George Zimmerman.

Keith Tucker


Keith Tucker,R Roger, Neighborhood Watch, 2012, 2013,



Lalo Alcaraz,






Trayvon Martin

R Roger, Which one is Trayvon,2012,



Sage Stossel, Boys in the Hood, 2012,



(JEFF PARKER / Florida Today / courtesy of Cagle Cartoons)


(courtesy of ROB ROGERS / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )


(courtesy of ROB ROGERS / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette )


Trayvon Martin by


Simone Wilson, Trayvon Martin, 2012,

    Picture 2

Baker, Ella. Trayvon Martin . N.d. Photograph. Ricardo Levins Morales Art for Social JusticeWeb. 26 Mar 2014. 


We Are All Trayvon Martin

We Are All Trayvon Martin

We Are All Trayvon Martin 50-feet-long, 8-feet-high mural unveiled by Miami artist Huong at the Florida capitol on Friday. “We all are Trayvon Martin,” Huong said. “It is a new day, our country has suffered an ugly past, but we have the opportunity to make it a very beautiful future.”   Where Trayvon’s face would have been there is instead a mirror so that the viewer is able to see themselves as Trayvon Martin. Huong, . We Are All Trayvon Martin. 2013. Painting. Huffington Post, Miami. Web. 26 Mar 2014.

Huong, We Are All Trayvon Martin, 2014,


John Zachary’s Nativity Sculpture at Claremont United Methodist Church in California Zachary, John. California nativity scene features Trayvon Martin instead of Jesus . 2013. Photograph. Mercury NewsWeb. 26 Mar 2014. .

Zachary John, Nativity, 2014,


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